Radar tower simulator

Radar and Tower Simulator - CSim

The combined radar simulator and airport tower simulator, CSim, supports an integrated and realistic training environment for en-route, approach and tower controllers.

There are several benefits to using the radar and tower simulator. Apart from low cost and a high-quality training facility, the simulator could also be used as redundant emergency system (see also the product FBS).

The radar simulator and airport tower simulator contains five main segments:

  • Simulator segment
  • Visualization segment
  • Operational segment
  • Voice communication segment
  • Recording and playback segment

Simulator adaptation

The CSim airport tower simulator and radar simulator uses system parameters for adaptation and tuning to its environment. This includes airport and airspace structures as well as the behaviour of aircraft and vehicles. This approach makes it possible for customers to create and maintain several completely different ATM environments/airspaces, referred as sessions.

CSim allows to simultaneously run exercises in separate sessions, e.g. radar training in one airspace and tower/approach training in another.

Parts of airport and airspace definitions can be created automatically from AIXM data.

To learn more about the radar and tower simulator, CSim, you can download the brochure or contact us for further information.

simulator brochure

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