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ATMSys – The ATM System

ATMSys is an ATM System that supports Air Traffic Control operations for En-route (ACC), Approach (APP) and Tower (TWR).

It was first launched for operational use in 1999 and has been incrementally upgraded with functionality in conformity with Single European Sky (SES) regulation.

The ATM System is designed and proven to be flexible and configurable for any size of ATC systems and easily expandable in size and functionality. Furthermore, it is redundant and fault tolerant, life-cycle cost effective and highly adaptable.

SESAR ATM Functionality Compliance

In line with Single European Sky (SES) Interoperability (IOP) Regulations EC 550/2004, 552/2004, 1070/2009 and 716/2014, to prepare European ATM system for network operations, Si ATM has achieved compliance with the SESAR functionality of the Pilot Common Project (PCP), which shall be in operation throughout European airspace by 2025.

Flight Plan Data Management

Flight Data Assistants (FDA) have an efficient HMI to support editing, browsing, queue handling with support for complex search criteria.

Controller functions

The ATMSys supports ACC, APP and TWR operations. The Controller HMI is window driven and suitable for one or two monitor configurations. Controller interaction with flights is performed through labels and electronic strips. The HMI is specially designed for a paperless environment. Only required data is presented. Additional information is easy to retrieve, “a mouse-click away”.

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