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ATC fallback systems

Si ATM’s concept for ATC Fallback Systems (FBS) has been designed and developed together with users, to safely clear the sky or to operate with a reduced or full capacity while the main system is out of service.

The main purpose of a Fallback System is to provide ATCOs with automatic support in case of sudden unexpected failure of main system, planned switch-off of main system for shorter periods and unavailability of main system for longer periods.

To meet the objectives, the Fallback System shall comply with a number of specific requirements and run continuously, in parallel with, but independent of the main system.

ATC Fallback Systems installations

The Si ATM FBS solution has so far been developed and delivered to three customers, viz.

  • New Hong Kong ATM system, referred to as UFS
  • Croatian ATM systems (ARES) in Zagreb, Pula, Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik
  • Serbia and Montenegro (FASOS) in Belgrade and Podgorica

The installations differ considerably regarding scope and functionality.
For all, though, the controller HMI has been adapted to be highly alike the HMI of their respective main systems, which is a prerequisite for smooth transition from one system to the other.

To learn more about the ATC Fallback Systems and the installations, please download the brochure or contact us for further information.

fallback system brochure

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