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Arrival manager - AMAN

The Si Arrival Manager (AMAN) is an integrated component of the Si ATMSys product, but it can also be provided as stand-alone arrival management system complementary to, or integrated with, other systems.

The Si Arrival Manager was first launched in 2011 and is continuously upgraded with new functionality as defined and requested by the ATM community. Si AMAN meets the SESAR ATM functionality requirements for extended arrival management.

The main objectives of the implementation of AMAN, are to reduce overall controller workload, minimize delay in high traffic situations, support continuous descent approach and improve operational safety, efficiency and predictability.

Arrival Manager tasks and operators

The Si Arrival Manager (AMAN) is an automated application that supports planning and implementation of an optimized arrival sequence for en-route and approach air traffic controllers. Furthermore, AMAN provides a plan for runway use set by tower controllers, which can be used as input to mixed mode runway planning and take off sequences, or as demand input for gate and stand planning by the airport.

The Si Arrival Manager determines the demand of the runway(s) and determines the optimized sequence for each runway based on the airspace configuration, actual location and 4D-trajectory or flight plan of each aircraft. Once the sequence plan is known, advisories are presented to the controllers to execute the sequence plan.

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