CPDLC went operational in Latvia

ATRACC is a complete, operational ATM (air traffic management) system in Riga, Latvia, which was first delivered by Si ATM twenty years ago. Since then it has been modernised several times to reflect the changing environment of ATM and to incorporate evolving recommendations and regulations. 

One such stage of modernisation was the implementation of CPDLC (controller pilot data link communication) in 2015, reflecting fully the EUROCONTROL and ICAO specifications on data link services as well as EC regulations. Since then, the CPDLC system has been thoroughly tested and adapted to achieve pre-determined performance levels. The ATM system underwent considerable upgrades during this test period and CPDLC integration therefore had to be continually established and assessed.

The CPDLC service became operational in November 2019 and the Latvian air traffic service provider, Latvijas Gaisa Satiksme (LGS), has been using it successfully every day since then. All data link services are available including DLIC, ACM, ACL, AMC, DCL and DSC. Our ongoing objective is to support LGS in achieving all the benefits expected of CPDLC by ensuring performance levels and effectiveness of functionality.

Controller lgs