Si ATM subsidiaries

Si Holding Limited

Si ATM is co-owner of QSi Holding Limited, established in 2008 in Hong Kong. QSi Holding Limited is a media technology company that is based in Hong Kong S.A.R. (with business registration number 39130949). The company emerged in 2008 as the result of a joint venture with Querendo Limited from Hong Kong. More information can be found on its website:

QSi Holding Limited provides Software Technology for information systems at Airports, Rail Stations, Public Stores and Shopping Malls, as well as retail stores and hotels. Products can be provided with media Out-of-Home (OOH) marketing solutions, such as Digital Need-Based-Media. QSi Holding operates currently in Indonesia and South-East Asia, reaching an audience over 220 million viewers annually in its current media installations.

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