Si ATM company profile

Si ATM AB is incorporated in Sundbyberg near Stockholm, Sweden. Si ATM is an air traffic management (ATM) software specialist and system supplier since 1981. In addition to SESAR compliant ATM and Ultimate Fall-back Systems (UFS), Si ATM also supply scalable air traffic control (ATC) training simulators for all levels and airspace also including high fidelity 3D tower simulators.

Product Portfolio

Over thirty years of operational consultancy and software development history have led to a product portfolio and operational knowledge which makes tailoring ATM solutions requested by the customer a core capability. Delivery of ATM systems, components, simulators, protocols or integration works are all achieved in a similar approach: with care for schedule and budget, in a direct approach with operational experts.

SESAR ATM Functionality Compliance

In line with Single European Sky (SES) Interoperability (IOP) Regulations EC 2018/1139, 2017/373, 552/2004, 550/2004 and 716/2014, to prepare European ATM system for network operations, Si ATM has achieved compliance with the SESAR functionality of the Pilot Common Project (PCP), which shall be in operation throughout European airspace by 2025:

  1.       Extended Arrival Management
  2.       Airport Integration and Throughput, including Departure Management
  3.       Flexible Airspace and Free Route
  4.       Network Collaborative Management
  5.       Initial System Wide Information Management (iSWIM)
  6.       Initial (4D) Trajectory Information Sharing

Distinguished Business Model

Si ATM is a small working force distinguished from competitors in the market by its business model. Si ATM aims to provide ATM and simulator products to its customers with high quality, high service, against low entry for basic functionality. Customers will experience the dedication to meet the time schedule, and the direct contact approach which makes communication effective and efficient. The aim is to achieve a high customer satisfaction experience, which contributes to a long term relation.

Our business concept

“To use our advanced, extensive know-how and well-proven methodology to deliver cost-effective, state-of-the-art ATM products achieving low-risk implementations while meeting customer expectations.”

Methodology & Quality

Si ATM is ISO 9001:2015 certified and applies its quality manual on each project. Management is highly experienced between 10-30+ years in mission-critical systems. System designers are computer scientists with also 10-30+ years of experience of advanced system design. Software engineers are highly skilled with 3-10+ years of experience of technical programming.






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